The primary way new street trees are planted in Providence is through PNPP & the City’s Neighborhood Street Tree Planting Award program:

This program is an opportunity each Spring & Fall for residents to receive 5-25 free street trees in exchange for helping to plant and take care of the young trees.

One person acts as the “Tree Leader”–they organize and submit the application, and are the main contact and coordinator for the planting–but everyone who participates and receives a tree commits to help plant all of the trees on planting day, and to water their trees for the first growing season.

  • The Neighborhood Planting Days take place on Saturdays in April (for the Spring application) or October (for the Fall Application).
  • The deadline for submitting applications is: January 31st for a Spring Planting, or July 15th for a Fall Planting

PNPP especially encourages the following neighborhoods that are most in need of street trees to apply for Neighborhood Street Tree Planting Awards, and prioritizes those applications:

  • Elmwood
  • Smith Hill
  • Federal Hill
  • Valley
  • Olneyville
  • Washington Park
  • Reservoir
  • West End
  • Upper & Lower South Providence

THE PNPP NEIGHBORHOOD PLANTING APPLICATION IS NOW ONLINE! Click HERE for more details and the application form.

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