Individual Tree Requests

Individual Street Tree Planting Opportunities

For residents who wish to plant street trees only at their own properties, the following two options are available through the City Forestry Division:

  • Match Cost Planting: 
    You agree to pay half the cost of planting a tree, the City of Providence pays the other half and provides sidewalk preparation, soil replacement, tree(s), and planting. Your cost is $250.00 per tree. The City Forester will select and site your tree.
  • Full Cost Planting:
    You arrange for and pay the cost of planting a street tree. You must apply for a free permit to plant before you make any preparations. Upon receipt of your application, the City Forester will have your sidewalks marked for underground utilities, show you where to plant, and send you a permit and a list of street tree species, size and planting requirements. You may then plant the tree(s), or contract directly with a landscape professional to have them planted.

Download the Individual Street Tree application HERE.

Questions about Individual Street Tree Planting? Call the City Forester at 401-680-7270

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