The Providence Neighborhood Planting Program (PNPP) is a street tree planting partnership between the Mary Elizabeth Sharpe Providence Neighborhood Planting Program Fund, the City of Providence, and the residents of Providence.  Our mission is to plant, steward, and advocate for trees in Providence. We do this by providing free street trees to Providence residents through our Neighborhood Street Tree Planting Awards, by training and empowering people to become Providence Community Tree Keepers, and by fostering engagement with our Urban Forest.

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The Providence Neighborhood Planting Program (PNPP) was established in 1988 as a partnership between the Mary Elizabeth Sharpe Street Tree Endowment, the City of Providence, and city residents to ensure consistent private/public funding for the continued planting of street trees in Providence at a grassroots level.

In 1907, Providence Rhode Island was the site of about 50, 000 street trees. Seventy three years later, a street tree inventory recorded a population of 22,320 trees. In our urban environment, street trees must be replanted to compensate for loss from age, disease and structural defects, or the overall tree canopy will continue to shrink. population declines. Replanting requires dedicated & experienced staff and money for trees & equipment.

Since 1989, PNPP has co-funded the planting of over 13,000 street trees through the efforts of over 620 neighborhood groups. This effort has helped us to gradually begin to replenish our tree canopy–we currently plant an average of 500 trees a year, prioritizing our lowest-canopy neighborhoods. A 2006 citywide tree inventory found 25,000 street trees in Providence, consisting of 95 different species.  Another citywide Street Tree Tally has recently been completed, and the data from that is being analyzed. This latest inventory will allow us to measure the progress we have made since then!











IN 2013 WE PLANTED OR 10,000th TREE!


PNPP is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization which shares the costs with the Providence Parks Department in a 50/50 match, and works closely with the Division of Forestry. As a public private partnership, the PNPP management team represents both the Providence Parks Department and the Mary Elizabeth Sharpe Providence Neighborhood Planting Endowment.


Douglas Still, Providence City Forester

Cassie Tharinger, PNPP Executive Director

Candace Powning, PNPP Program Coordinator

Peggy Sharpe, PNPP Board Member Emeritus

Tim More, PNPP Board Chair

Fraser Gilbane, PNPP Board Member

Sarah Sharpe, PNPP Board Member

Sheila Dormody, PNPP Board Member


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