How much do trees from PNPP cost?

When you and your neighbors apply for a Neighborhood Street Tree Planting Award, the trees, sidewalk preparation and tree delivery come at no cost to you and your neighbors.

When I apply for a street tree with my neighbors, can we choose the type of tree we would like to plant?

We will do our best to take preferences into consideration when selecting which tree will live at each site that will receive a tree. However, we can not guarantee that each preference will be honored because our primary goal is to select the best tree for each site.

Our City Forester and Tree Manager order trees each season that offer hardiness to street conditions as well as a diversity of species and sizes to match specific sites. A great deal of thought goes into selecting each tree for each site from the trees that are available each season. Sometimes we can meet a resident’s preference for tree species, but very often, this is not possible.

If you wish to select your own tree species, you are welcome to apply to plant your own tree through Providence’s Full Cost Planting Program. You will need to select a tree from an approved list of species and adhere to the city’s size and planting requirements after DigSafe has marked your underground utilities and you have met with either the City Forester or Tree Manager to determine where the tree should be planted and what types of trees would be best for that location.

If there is no opening in my sidewalk for a tree, can I still apply for a tree?

Yes! When you receive trees through the Neighborhood Street Tree Award, we will cover the cost of sidewalk preparation which includes marking the underground utilities, determing the best spot for a tree, cutting the concrete or asphalt, removing the existing soil, and replacing it with fresh soil.

The minimum size for tree wells is 24 square feet to maximize the new trees’ ability to thrive in our urban conditions. Even if you have a tree pit in your sidewalk already, we may increase its size to meet this requirement. We are also required by the ADA to leave 3 feet of sidewalk for wheelchair access.

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