For Current Tree Keepers


Here are tools/resources for your Tree Keeper work:


  • FIELD WORK REPORTING FORM – Please enter any PCTK work you do in this simple form, so we can track the impact you’re having on our city’s trees!!!


This is the suggested template for notifying/requesting permission from residents/business owners in order to perform maintenance on the trees in front of their properties (you may also rely on verbal permission). Please use your discretion in this area, and remember that you are acting as ambassadors of the City and the urban tree community–the goal is to engage people in a positive way. Always avoid confrontation, and if in doubt move on (there are plenty of trees that need pruning in the city!


  • PVD Tree Keeper GROUP EMAIL LIST –  This is an email list serve/forum for Tree Keepers to stay in touch, coordinate & communicate with each other about things relevant to the stewardship of Providence’s Urban Forest!
    • If you are a current Tree Keeper but are not already subscribed to the Listserv, request to join HERE!




  • PARKS GROUPS – A list of park friends groups and conservancies and their contact info may be found here on Partnership for Providence Parks’ website:




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