Here is how you can contribute to our urban forest:

  • Write to or call your council person and let them know that trees are important to you, why they are important to you (see Trees Are Good) and that you want the city to plant as many as possible.
  • Apply for a Neighborhood Street Tree Planting Award and/or encourage your neighbors to do the same.
  • Take the RI Tree Council’s Tree Stewards class.
  • Pull mulch away from the base of tree trunks in your area. Too much mulch piled against a tree trunk can cause the tree bark and trunk to rot.
  • Pick up litter and weeds from tree pits, this creates a sense that someone is caring for the trees and makes people stop before they litter in the tree well.
  • Make a donation to the Mary Elizabeth Sharpe Providence Neighborhood Planting Program Fund by visiting the Rhode Island Foundation’s website.
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