Street Tree Plantings


Neighborhood Street Tree Planting Opportunities

Since 1988, The Mary Elizabeth Sharpe Street Tree Endowment has matched Providence Parks Department funds to provide trees, soil, sidewalk preparation and tree delivery at no cost to Providence residents who apply for and receive a Neighborhood Street Tree Planting Award.

These tree plantings happen twice a year, in the spring & fall, and the application deadlines are January 15th & July 15th.

To apply, you must have:

  • A ‘Tree Leader’ volunteer to organize both the Neighborhood Street Tree Planting Award application–and, if awarded, the planting. 
  • At least five properties that each need at least one tree (minimum request is 5 trees) within an area of one to three city blocks.
  • Permission from each property owner to plant each tree requested.
  • Commitment from each property owner, tenant, or appointed substitute to help plant the trees on planting day, and  to water weekly and regularly weed their trees.

Find more details on applying here!


PNPP especially encourages the following neighborhoods that are most in need of street trees to apply for Neighborhood Street Tree Planting Awards. Applications from these neighborhoods will be given priority in the selection process.

  • Elmwood
  • Smith Hill
  • Federal Hill
  • Valley
  • Olneyville
  • Washington Park
  • Reservoir
  • West End
  • Upper and Lower South Providence

Priority in street tree awards is given to these neighborhoods, but if you do not live in one of these areas, we still welcome your application, as trees are needed all over the city!

Download the Neighborhood Planting Application HERE


Individual Street Tree Planting Opportunities

Residents who wish to only plant street trees at their own properties have the following two options from the City Forestry Division:

  • Match Cost Planting: 
    You agree to pay half the cost of planting a tree, the City of Providence pays the other half and provides sidewalk preparation, soil replacement, tree(s), and planting. Your cost is $200.00 per tree. The Tree Resource Manager or City Forester will select and site your tree.
  • Full Cost Planting:
    You agree to pay the full cost of planting a city street tree. You must apply for a free permit to plant before you make any preparations. Upon receipt of your application, The Tree Resource Manager or City Forester will have your sidewalks marked for underground utilities, show you where to plant, send you a permit and a list of street tree species, size and planting requirements.

Download your Individual Street Tree application here.

Questions about Individual Street Tree Planting? Call the City Forester at 401-785-9450


The application walks you through the steps to a putting together a successful street tree planting. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to give PNPP a call at 401-368-5380 or email

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