Applications should be mailed to: P.O Box 5897, Providence, RI 02903 

Neighborhood Plantings take place on Saturdays in April and October. The deadline for applications is 

January 15th for a Spring Planting    |      July 15th for a Fall Planting


  • Neighborhood Planting Applications should contain at least five separate properties, which each need at least one tree. Requests for more than 25 trees are considered on a case-by-case basis.
  • The goal in a plantings is to cover a condensed area, either stretching up and down one or two streets or clustered around a block or two, and planting at each consecutive street address, if there is room and interest from the resident. It’s better to focus your application on fewer, more concentrated tree sites and save outliers for future applications!
  • A full list of Planting/Spacing Guidelines may be found below, use this as a guide when you are selecting potential tree sites to include in an application.
  • Leave a PNPP flier (page 4 of application) at each address on your planting route. Each property owner should complete the tear-off portion of the flier and return it to you, as an agreement to abide by PNPP’s tree recipient requirements. **Applications submitted without these forms will not be considered complete**
  • Tenants may sign up to be the one who will plant/water the trees, but the property owner, or a representative of theirs, must sign to verify approval to plant.
  • High-traffic streets: there are a few streets in the city which are tricky when it comes to tree planting due to density/speed of traffic, width of lanes/sidewalks, sight-lines/visibility, and power-lines/utilities. (A few of these include Smith St, Manton Ave, Chalkstone Ave, Douglas Ave–though there are stretches of other main streets that fall into this category.) If you are considering a planting application that you think might include one of these streets, let us know and we will review with you.
  • Yard Trees: trees may be planted on private property in front yards as long as they are within clear sight of the public right-of-way, and have no fencing over 3 ft tall, structures, or other obstructions between them and the sidewalk.

We are always happy to ‘pre-survey’ a potential application with you–get in touch with any questions! 

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